Hi, I′m Yun Qing. Welcome to aboutimprov.com, a blog about improv.

I am very self-conscious about starting this blog. There are already some good improv blogs/resources out there on all sorts of improv topics.

improv blogs

My actual feedly improv folder, sadly not all of them are updated frequently.


Am I actually qualified to talk about improv?

If someone else were to come to me and say they want to start an improv blog, I’d tell them, “Go! The world need your voice.” And then I would sulk because I didn’t start one.

But when it comes to setting up my own improv blog, I’m scared.

yun qing improv

I’m *this* scared.

I’m scared that what I have to say isn’t original [Counterpoint] nor useful.

But the worst of all, I’m afraid I will run out of things to talk about in a month’s time.

Understanding the local improv scene

Here’s some background on my short improv career in Singapore.

The improv scene here is still a toddler when compared to the international scene (which is now middle-aged). The only full-time improv training centre/theatre in Singapore is five years old in 2018.

Though there are people here who had trained at Second City etc, the skills/formats aren’t really dispersed to the rest.

It’s a mish-mash of improv that you’ll find here, much of it influenced by popular culture than actual improv schools of thoughts.


What you can expect

Honestly, I feel more confident writing about the marketing and production of improv than skills-based blog posts.

The good thing about this blog though is that I don’t have to do it alone. (Just like improv!)

We’ll have regular writers to share their more thought-out posts about improv.

There’re also opportunities to guest post. If you would like to submit improv-related articles, drop me a mail hello@aboutimprov.com

We won’t be setting up a Facebook page for this blog because the algorithm is bullshit. To stay in touch, sign up for our newsletter.

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Yun Qing

Yun Qing performs improv with The Modern Schemers and musical improv team Les Musicables. She also runs Singapore Improv Calendar and PowerPoint Karaoke nights.

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